Sunday, May 3, 2015

Coyotes in the Diversion Channel Trail + Biking In Albuquerque In General

Be careful while riding your bike in Albuquerque. You have to deal with trucks running you over, coyotes, and homeless people. However, we do have amazing bicycle trails, lanes, and dedicated paths. Below is a bit of background before I expand more on the coyote element.

I try and ride my bike everywhere. Mostly, this is because I cannot stand sitting around in traffic, I am cheap and don't like paying for gasoline and car maintenance, and I want to have enough time to do lots of cardiovascular exercise each day, since I have a super sedentary occupation. The only way I found that I have enough time in the day to get exercise as I'd like is if I replace all commuting time with cardio time.

Normally, this is a pretty good trade, or I think I come out ahead. For example, it takes me about ten minutes to drive to my gym with traffic. On average, I bike there in twenty minutes. So, I spend forty minutes biking (round trip) to avoid twenty minutes of diving and get forty minutes of cardio in. This allows me to avoid doing 30-40 minutes of cardio at the gym, since I'm doing it on my commute to the gym. So I can focus on strength, flexibility through yoga, or playing handball. That seems like a good trade off to me, especially since it's way cheaper to maintain my bicycle than my car. There are other factors to weigh in and balance when making this decision (such as your relative likeness to die from a bicycle related risk, as opposed to morbid obesity...) One of these factors is the presence of coyotes.

One thing that I have start considering are coyote risks. In the past few months, I'm positive I saw coyotes twice, and I think I may have seen them two other times but I'm not sure. I've been riding my bicycle to a client's office, far on the north part of Albuquerque. Here is the route I take. It's about a ten mile ride, and runs north / south along Albuquerque. I saw individual coyotes twice, running along the channel. Both times they were a bit south of Montgomery street.

The last time I saw a coyote, a domesticated dog was trying to kill it. The dog was chasing the coyote up and down the channel trail. I am positive the dog was domesticated because it had a lease trailing behind it, as though someone was taking it for a walk, and it saw the coyote, escaped to freedom and made an attempt at carnage. Unfortunately, the dog was considerably slower than the coyote. The dog was also a LOT bigger, maybe clocking in at 40-50 lbs while the coyote was around 20-30 lbs.

Just like homeless people, one out-of-control coyote wouldn't be that dangerous. I think I wouldn't be afraid until there were three or more of them, and behaving aggressively. Due to my extreme weight restrictions while on a bicycle, and Albuquerque laws against publicly discharging firearms, I don't think that packing iron is a good potential solution. I'm leaning more and more towards getting a very lightweight ceramic knife, and a nice sheath. Since I have no idea how to actually use a knife in a fight, I'm not sure if I wouldn't be better off with, or without one. I'll likely ask my friend Jeremy (very into defense) his opinion, and consider taking a knife fighting class with these guys. That would be a fun thing to do with a friend. "What did you do this weekend?" "My friend Brian and I took a knife fighting class together." 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Paul Van Dyke

Yesterday my friend Jeremy and I went to see Paul Van Dyke play at "The Stage" which is the nightclub inside the Santa Anna Star casino, in Bernalillo. It was a fun show, and I'm happy I was able to spend time with my friend Jeremy.

It has been a few years since I went to listen to a DJ play. Despite riding my bike between about 40-70 miles a week, my legs were extremely tired after standing, and dancing, from 9:30 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. The liquid anesthetic (beer) I took helped, but wore off after a while, and I was completely exhausted by the end of the show.

Someone did make it rain, which means they threw a large number of dollar bills into the air, and then they rain down for people to grab. During this cash thunderstorm, I was able to catch four one-dollar bills, and avoid being trampled, or trampling anyone else. It has always been one of my life goals to be caught in a cash rainstorm, but I was somewhat disappointed. The rain-er probably threw $300 to the rain-iees, but the downpour only lasted a few seconds. I realize that for my vision of rain to come to pass, about $4,000 in one dollar bills would need to be dropped from a significant height. This is not something I see myself doing.

Another fun thing was speaking Russian with a drunk guy. His friend was telling me he was from the Czeck Republic, and I asked "You don't happen to speak Russian, do you?" and he replied "no", but his friend interjected "I do." So, then we started talking in Russian. I am always surprised by where I find Russians in New Mexico.

Overall, I'm happy I went to the show with my friend Jeremy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Super Sweet Startup Digs

Today I found out that I was one of the winners of the Super Sweet Startup Digs Contest put on by ABQid and FatPipe. Thanks to the organizations for giving away office space and coaching/mentoring. I'm not positive who, or if all the winners, won the $350 for a business wardrobe makeover, and a spa treatment in Albuquerque. As a particularly well dressed ex-girlfriend can attest to, I definitely could use a business wardrobe makeover! I'm excited to go in tomorrow to FatPipe and see what's going on and find out more information. I'm pretty sure I got free office space out of the contest, and tomorrow I'll figure out the details.

Also thanks to my friend, Mariya Tseptsura, for editing my application and offering me lots of suggestions on making it better.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dog Bowl 2014

This past weekend I competed in the 27th Annual Dog Bowl handball tournament. This year, I competed in the "A" division, both for singles and doubles. For doubles, my partner Gerald Cervantes and I got second place, losing in the finals. For singles, I tied for 3rd/4th, losing in the semi finals.

Overall, the tournament was a lot of fun. Thanks to Carl White for organizing it. I'm happy that my parents came in from Silver City (my mom competed and lost to the person that won her division), my sister came in from Germany (for the holidays, not just the tournament), my friend Jeremy from Socorro, and my friend Oleg came in from New York City to visit.

This is a picture of me and my doubles partner with our awesome trophies / handmade ceramic beer mugs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MySQL Weirdness

Does anyone else think this is weird? It looks like the shortcut 'show create procedure' lacks the ability to go INTO OUTFILE. Maybe this is just me not understanding, but it seems like I should be able to INTO OUTFILE more than just a SELECT.

mysql> show create procedure mydbr.COMPANY_esnq_site INTO OUTFILE 'COMPANY_esnq_site.sp.sql';
ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'INTO OUTFILE 'COMPANY_esnq_site.sp.sql'' at line 1

mysql> SELECT routine_definition FROM information_schema.routines WHERE  routine_name = 'COMPANY_esnq_site' AND routine_schema = 'mydbr' INTO OUTFILE 'COMPANY_esnq_site.sp.sql';
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.27 sec)