Friday, July 18, 2014

Netbeans on Ubuntu = Requires an Advanced Computer Science Degree

I literally spend hours (about three) trying to get Netbeans 7.3 installed on Ubuntu 12.04. This is not a fun process. Netbeans crapped out while displaying "Loading cached objects" for me, after it looked like it installed perfectly using the Oracle JDK. The solution I found was:
  1. Actually, fully, installed OpenJDK. The mistake I was making here is that Ubuntu LOOKED like it installed OpenJDK, but it didn't actually finish the installation until I ran: 

     sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk
  1. Install Netbeans, using the OpenJDK installed in step #1. 

I have no idea WHY the Oracle JDK failed Netbeans, but it seems like this is a fairly common problem. Hopefully this post will help other people avoid the same dark fate as my lost three hours. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bandojo on GreenLight

I've been working with the startup Bandojo for the past few months. Most of my involvement up to this point has almost entirely been on getting our C/C++ program to build on Windows, and now I'm doing more web development for them, and (sort of) managing an intern that is also into web development. The intern (David Heyer) suggested we submit to Steam. Since no one at Bandojo really knew what Steam was, he explained it to us, and it sounded like a great idea. So I submitted our software to Steam.

Steam sounds like a very, very cool software distribution platform. Basically, they handle all the money, all the copy protection, upgrades, and a bunch of reporting for you. They mostly sell games, but also sell other pieces of software (like our music creation application.) Getting into their store sounds like a bit of a dog and pony show though (i.e. you need to win a popularity contest before they consider you.) Since I have never been through this dog and pony show before, I have no idea how (if?) it will end.

So, if you feel like clicking "Yes" (I would buy this game if it were on Steam) then check out this link. Or send me an email if you've been through the Steam cleaner before and have any tips.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Мы Пошли Праздновать С Джереми | Celebrating With Jeremy

Мой друг Джереми скоро начнёт новую работу. В данное время oн техник по взрывчатым
веществам. Через неделю он вступает в должность инженера, где он будет продолжать работать с взрывчатыми веществами.

My old friend Jeremy will start a new job. Now he works as a technician with explosives. After about a week, he'll work as an engineer (also with explosives.) He loves explosives!

Мой друг Ефран, Джереми и я пошли праздновать его новую работу. Мы стреляли из оружия дробовики. После этого мы ели в ресторане "Азума" японскую еду. В "Азума" Джереми пил алкогольный напиток сакэ бомба.

Our friend Efrain, Jeremy, and I went to celebrate his new job. First, we went to the City of Albuquerque gun range and fired shotguns. It's super fun shooting clay pigeons! We then ate at the restaurant "Azuma."

На Azuma, Джереми хотел выпить сакэ бомба
At Azuma, Jeremy wanted to drink sake bombs.

Когда я говорю "сакэ," вы говорите "бомба."
When I say "sake" you say "bomb!" 


Это мой друг Ефран и его беременная жена.
This is my friend Efrain and his pregnant wife.

Это моя подруга из Ирана – Ава
This is my Iranian friend Ava.

Чем мы становимся старше, тем меньше у нас остаётся времени для встречь.

As everyone becomes older, it's hard for everyone to meet and spend time together. It was nice for the guys to celebrate.

по взрывчатым веществам - with explosives (dative case) 
с взрывчатыми веществами - with explosives (genitive case)
взрывчатые вещества - explosives (nominative case)
пришёл праздновать - went to celebrate  
Мы стреляли из оружия дробовики. - we fired guns (shotguns.)
сакэ бомба - sake bomb
беременная  - pregnant
приятно  - pleasant, nice

Friday, May 9, 2014


My past few posts have been in Russian, or about Russian things. As people close to me know, I have been studying Russian for about five years. Presently, I'm finishing up a class at UNM called "Russian 202" which is a second year, second semester, Russian course. I'm conversational, but definitely not fluent. I prefer to turn in assignments on my blog, which makes to polish them to a point where they are more than disposable artifacts of some academic discipline, but rather a way to communicate with people that care about me what I'm up to in my life.

This can be difficult when those people don't speak Russian. So here's one in English!

For an extra credit in my Russian class, our professor said we could check out "THE BLINDING LIGHT OF HISTORY" which is a collection of Russian paintings and drawings at UNM. I decided to check it out, and write a quick blog post about it for extra credit.

In order to see the exhibit, I needed to take an elevator from the lobby of the art museum inside Pope Joy Hall up to the second floor. As soon as I got out of the elevator, I saw the mad Russian monk, greeting me.

Rasputin. I read a biography about him, and I'm pretty certain this guy had supernatural powers. He also had Charles Manson eyes.

I also liked this one. It reminds me of Salvador Dali, my favorite painter after my sister.

I liked this one, since the camping guys remind me of my (Russian) ex-girlfriend's dad. He always likes to chill out by a fire. I see him maybe every six months, and half the time there is a fire burning outside, and all the time there is so much good food and good alcohol.

These were the three paintings I liked. Many of the other paintings seemed kind of depressing, which may have been the intention the (Soviet) artists were going for. Overall, I'm glad I quickly checked out the exhibit. I'm sort of culturally retarded, and culturally insensitive, and this kind of stuff is good for me to do every once in a while to try and grow.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Russian 202 Film Project

For my Russian 202 class, we had to make a short video about one of the videos we watched in class. I worked with Monica Perlzak, and we re-created a scene from this Russian movie, called Stilyagi, or "Hipsters."
Моника Пэрлзак и Брайн Стайнар Брайн: Наш фильм называется <<Стиляги.>> Действие фильма происходит в Москве. Мы снимали наши сцены у утиного пруда. Сначала, я играл стиляга, после этого я играл Мэлса. Mоника: Я играла Пользу. Новые слова в нашей сцене облава и опасность. Польза - Я люблю джаз! Мой самый любимый инструмент труба. Стиляг - Я тожа. Я играю на саксофоне! Хотите танцевать? Польза - Да! Я люблю танцевать с тобой. Стиляг - Ахх! Облава! Опасность! *погоня* Мэлс - Ты можешь идти? Польза - Ой! Больно. Мэлс - Вставай. Вставай! Польза - Это из-за тебя. Мелс - Сейчас я за ребятами схожу. Польза - Не надо. Мэлс - Вставай. Польза - Как тебя зовут? Мэлс - Мэлс. А тебя? Польза - Полина. Для друзей Польза. Мелс - Польза...почему Польза? *толчок* Польза - Теперь ты знаешь!

Новые Слова снимали - filmed у утиного пруда - by the duck pond погоня - chase толчок - shove опасность - danger облава - raid