Sunday, August 5, 2018

417.5 Available = Available version 3.0

My one bedroom apartment at 417.5 Princeton has become available again.

I'd like to have a twelve month lease, at $700 / month for this apartment. I cover water, sewage, garbage, and internet access, gas, and the tenant will need to cover electricity. I like to get first month's, last month's, and a month of damage deposit, as a condition of starting this lease.

The kitchen cabinets were refinished in the past few years, as well as the carpet replaced. Additionally, I replaced the swamp cooler, and removed the window unit. There is a bit of water damage from the window unit that still needs patching but the cooling situation is nice.

If you're interested in this place, please call me at 505-750-1169. If I do not pick up, send me a text message at the same number.

Below are some pictures of the place. Some of these are from a previous blog post I wrote about the place, but there are some new pictures below as well.


Saturday, July 7, 2018

417 "A" Princeton Available

The "A" unit at 417 Princeton will be available August 1 for rent, and I'd like to find someone to rent it to. This is a BIG one bedroom, with beautiful hardwood floors, and many cool additions that my family and I added.

Rent is $725 / month. I like getting first month's rent, last month's rent, and a month for damage deposit ($2175.) This makes collecting rent much easier! I pay for water, sewage, garbage, and internet. The tenant needs to pay for electricity and gas.

Things are pretty flexible with the back yard. One set of tenants like to garden, and I take care of the fruit tree, and other trees.

Give me a call, or send me a text, at 505-750-1169 if you're interested.

Thanks to my friend Efrain Grijalva for taking all of these amazing photos!

Friday, July 6, 2018

2018 New Mexico State Games

This past weekend I competed in the 2018 New Mexico State Games, for handball doubles, with my dad as my doubles partner. We lost one match, and then won the drop-down division of the tournament.

This is a photo of my dad and I with our first place metals, my mom, and our opponents + wife.

My mom competed in the Women's Singles C/D division for racquetball, and it was fun watching her matches. I'm glad my parents and I can participate in such activities together.

Thanks to Gary Mazaroff, and the Racquetball players, for including handball in their tournaments. Gary runs 20+ tournaments a year, and did an amazing job of keeping the matches moving, managing communication, and dealing with the (inevitable) fight that always occurs at a tournament.