Saturday, July 7, 2018

417 "A" Princeton Available

The "A" unit at 417 Princeton will be available August 1 for rent, and I'd like to find someone to rent it to. This is a BIG one bedroom, with beautiful hardwood floors, and many cool additions that my family and I added.

Rent is $725 / month. I like getting first month's rent, last month's rent, and a month for damage deposit ($2175.) This makes collecting rent much easier! I pay for water, sewage, garbage, and internet. The tenant needs to pay for electricity and gas.

Things are pretty flexible with the back yard. One set of tenants like to garden, and I take care of the fruit tree, and other trees.

Give me a call, or send me a text, at 505-750-1169 if you're interested.

Thanks to my friend Efrain Grijalva for taking all of these amazing photos!

Friday, July 6, 2018

2018 New Mexico State Games

This past weekend I competed in the 2018 New Mexico State Games, for handball doubles, with my dad as my doubles partner. We lost one match, and then won the drop-down division of the tournament.

This is a photo of my dad and I with our first place metals, my mom, and our opponents + wife.

My mom competed in the Women's Singles C/D division for racquetball, and it was fun watching her matches. I'm glad my parents and I can participate in such activities together.

Thanks to Gary Mazaroff, and the Racquetball players, for including handball in their tournaments. Gary runs 20+ tournaments a year, and did an amazing job of keeping the matches moving, managing communication, and dealing with the (inevitable) fight that always occurs at a tournament.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

2717 McEarl Unit Available

We just finished renovations at 2717 McEarl, making another apartment ready for rent. This is available now. Rent is $500 / month, and includes all bills (water, sewer, garbage, electricity, gas and internet.) This apartment consists of one big room, a walk in kitchen, and a bathroom. Those rooms are private, have their own locks, and entrances/exits. The laundry room is shared between this unit, and the main house.

Give me a call at 505-750-1169 if you're interested.

We did a LOT of custom tile work for this apartment. I love tile.

Tile Mosaic - Leading into the kitchen - Athen Herrick

You can see a mosaic leading in the closet if you look closely - done by Ellis Herrick

Washer and dryer are included - and common with the other unit.

My father, Donald Stinar, built this custom mirror. I believe it's cherry.

"No Diving Please" done by Autumn Stinar, accompanying cabinetry done by Donald Stinar.

I really like the use of tile baseboards. We installed them when tiling the bathroom.

This mosaic, and the entire floor pattern, was my idea. I like to alternate between 45 and 90 degree offsets, in order to break up a room and disrupt very long straight lines.

These rounded cuts were cut with a Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw. 

We installed a door, and a refrigerator, after my photographer friend took the above photos.

Thanks for taking a look at these images. My family and I enjoy being very creative with our housing, and incorporating art and beauty into many of the things which are everyday. The Herrick brothers, two young up-and-coming artists, helped out a great deal by creating custom thresholds for the closet and kitchen.

Also thanks to my friend Efrain Grijalva for taking (most of) the photos.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dogbowl 2016

I played in the Dogbowl handball tournament a week ago. The tournament was November 11-13, here in Albuquerque. My doubles partner (David Ibarbo) and I lost EVERY doubles game, and it was round robin (we played every team.) However, my singles competition went a little bit differently, and I placed second in the "A singles" division. 

Kevin Wilcox, the guy that beat me in the finals, is like six feet eight, has a long reach, and beat me pretty bad. 

I'm happy I competed in the 2016 Dogbowl. Doubles is always rough, but it's good to help fill out the tournament brackets. I was sore for almost a week afterward, and had to move a number of my 8:00 a.m. software company meetings to later in the day!! Thanks to my friend Natasha for taking pictures and video!