Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mountain Biking with Oleg

My friend Oleg received his permanent residency a few days ago. This is a very long path (legal) immigrants take, with many, many steps and a lot of uncertainty, even for someone with a PhD in Computer Science, and an awesome job, like Oleg. He wanted to come visit Albuquerque. When I asked him what things he wanted to do to celebrate getting his green card, he said he wanted to get frozen yogurt at a yogurt placed called "Olo" in Nob Hill, and go mountain biking. We did both.

Selfie Mode From My Phone

The only two negatives were forgetting my helmet, and slicking up my knee. I used to have knee pads I'd wear, but it's been a while since I've gone mountain biking.

Oleg's phone works with his Apple watch to take pictures. That was pretty cool. 

I'm happy we went biking. We rode along the Grand Enchantment Trail, in Tijeras, New Mexico until it hit Otero Canyon, and then took the road downhill back to my car. Thanks to my buddy Efrain for loaning Oleg his bike.