Thursday, June 1, 2017

2717 McEarl Unit Available

We just finished renovations at 2717 McEarl, making another apartment ready for rent. This is available now. Rent is $500 / month, and includes all bills (water, sewer, garbage, electricity, gas and internet.) This apartment consists of one big room, a walk in kitchen, and a bathroom. Those rooms are private, have their own locks, and entrances/exits. The laundry room is shared between this unit, and the main house.

Give me a call at 505-750-1169 if you're interested.

We did a LOT of custom tile work for this apartment. I love tile.

Tile Mosaic - Leading into the kitchen - Athen Herrick

You can see a mosaic leading in the closet if you look closely - done by Ellis Herrick

Washer and dryer are included - and common with the other unit.

My father, Donald Stinar, built this custom mirror. I believe it's cherry.

"No Diving Please" done by Autumn Stinar, accompanying cabinetry done by Donald Stinar.

I really like the use of tile baseboards. We installed them when tiling the bathroom.

This mosaic, and the entire floor pattern, was my idea. I like to alternate between 45 and 90 degree offsets, in order to break up a room and disrupt very long straight lines.

These rounded cuts were cut with a Gemini Taurus 3 ring saw. 

We installed a door, and a refrigerator, after my photographer friend took the above photos.

Thanks for taking a look at these images. My family and I enjoy being very creative with our housing, and incorporating art and beauty into many of the things which are everyday. The Herrick brothers, two young up-and-coming artists, helped out a great deal by creating custom thresholds for the closet and kitchen.

Also thanks to my friend Efrain Grijalva for taking (most of) the photos.