Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ночной дозор

(Russian Version of the Poster)

Без субтитров, я не понимаю ничего. Фильм называется <<Ночной дозор.>> Действие фильма происходит в Москве. Мне понравился этот фильм. Он о войне, свет против тьмы и как один человек сражается на стороне света. 

дозор - watch 
субтитры - subtitles
против  - against
тьма - darkness
сражается на стороне света - fighting on the side of light

(English Version of the Poster)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Birthday - 31

This past March 6, I turned 31. I didn't really feel bad about growing older. Mostly, this seems to be because I feel like I am progressing in different physical, financial, and emotional goals. It doesn't seem to me like things are getting progressively worse, but rather progressively better. My handball game is the best it's ever been. Even if I didn't make as much money last year as I did as an employee, I am learning every day about sales, marketing, customer management, different types of start ups, as well as tons of new technical skills. PLUS, things have been going very well financially for 2014 so far.

My girlfriend, and my family, made my birthday fun and enjoyable. Lyric did an outstanding job on making my favorite dinner (sweet and sour chicken), blue Gatorade, well as a birthday cake.

I think it's nice when Lyric wears a pretty dress and makes me an awesome dinner. I appreciate it a lot. 

 She made me slippers which I can be seen wearing constantly.

Lyric give me a bunch of presents that I really needed! She gave me a set of glass bowls with Tupperware top that I am opening in the above picture...

... an organizer that contained small fasteners for my workshop...

...and the best present of fixing my road bike! I wrecked this road bike a few years ago, and was slowly cannibalizing it for parts for my other road bike. The road bike was stolen, and I'd been slowly rebuilding the bike. The hub was the last part I needed to replace, and she had it replaced for me!

 Here is a quick video of my cake. Unfortunately, Lyric stopped singing when she realized I was recording. She has a good voice!
The next weekend I was down in Silver City, helping my parents out with their Windows network. For my birthday, they gave me what every little boy always wanted - a robot friend! This was a Roomba 650, and it keeps my floors cleaner than they have ever been before. Basically, I never have to sweep or vacuum anymore.

Roomba 650

All in all, this was the most fun birthday I've had in a long time. Lyric goes to a lot of work, and is herself excited about many things, which makes them more fun in general.