Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gone Ghetto Fishing - Part 2

Despite the recent success I have been enjoying with the new software company I own (blog post and grand opening party coming soon) I still have been going fishing with my friends. This is not to provide for a cheap or free source of animal protein, as I had originally anticipated while becoming 'self employed' / poor, but continues to be a good way to hang out and talk with my buddies in a relaxing way.

My friend Efrain Grijalva and I went down to Tingley Beach, and some kids gave me a (relatively) small catfish. We were talking with them for a while, and they planned on throwing the fish back. So far, I have only caught a couple of small blue gills, and I thought it would be fun to clean and eat the catfish. I asked them if I could have it, and they said sure!

I already ate the other part.

As Efrain and I were leaving, we noticed another person that was fishing down by us caught a gigantic catfish. This thing was super, super gigantic as compared to the other catfish I observed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Phoenix Jones Needs A New Suit

For anyone that doesn't know who Phoenix Jones is, I pity you. Your life is not as rich as it could be. Phoenix Jones is a real life superhero that is based in Seattle, Washington. He breaks up fights, stops people from stealing buses, keeps drunk people from driving, gets shot at, gets arrested and then has all the charges dropped. Seriously. Phoenix Jones does all this crazy stuff. He has no actual abilities other than being super tough and a willingness to do things which may get himself shot or arrested while trying and help other people.

Yes, there are really people that dress up as a super hero and help people, sometime by using violence. Yes, they may be somewhat mentally unbalanced vigilantes. And yes, they are extremely awesome.

As you may be able to guess by now, my favorite of the real life superheros is Phoenix Jones. I always read news articles about him, talk with my friend Aaron Torres about him, read what he posts (in all caps for some reason?) on Facebook, and I generally think he is cool. Phoenix Jones is probably the most connected of the real life superheros - there is always something online about what he is up to.

Phoenix Jones needs a new suit that is actually bulletproof. His existing suit is bullet resistant, not bulletproof, and he's going to get shot if he keeps up his heroics. That is why I am donating some money to help him get a new suit. I actually think he probably should have accepted corporate sponsorship for his suit, and accepted their advertising on it. However, he did not, and I want him to continue his patrols and support him. This is the first blog post I've ever written encouraging people to give money to something, but I figure something as crazy as a real life super hero fits well with my blog.

If you would like to donate, just use the below PayPal link: