Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gone Ghetto Fishing - Part 2

Despite the recent success I have been enjoying with the new software company I own (blog post and grand opening party coming soon) I still have been going fishing with my friends. This is not to provide for a cheap or free source of animal protein, as I had originally anticipated while becoming 'self employed' / poor, but continues to be a good way to hang out and talk with my buddies in a relaxing way.

My friend Efrain Grijalva and I went down to Tingley Beach, and some kids gave me a (relatively) small catfish. We were talking with them for a while, and they planned on throwing the fish back. So far, I have only caught a couple of small blue gills, and I thought it would be fun to clean and eat the catfish. I asked them if I could have it, and they said sure!

I already ate the other part.

As Efrain and I were leaving, we noticed another person that was fishing down by us caught a gigantic catfish. This thing was super, super gigantic as compared to the other catfish I observed.

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