Monday, August 15, 2011

Breaking Bad Wendy + Santa Fe Tournament

This weekend my mother, father, friend Jeremy, and I played in a handball tournament in Santa Fe. Despite my recent success in B-level tournaments, I was knocked out in the first round. Jeremy and my family had a nice time at the tournament and doing things together around Pahokee and in Santa Fe.

While walking around the Buffalo Thunder casino, I recognized one of the dealers. She was an attractive woman that seemed familiar from the one and only television show I watch, Breaking Bad. She looked very much like the cracked out character named Wendy.

Rather than going up to this nicely put together woman and asking her if she (realistically) portrayed a prostitute that plied her trade in exchange for highly concentrated crystals of illegal substances, I tactfully asked her "Have you ever been in a television show?" to which she replied "Yes, I was the crack whore in Breaking Bad. Do you have a root beer?" Her character was always drinking root beer before, during, and after her activity in the show. Hopefully this post does not result in my blog being flagged for "adult content" but below is a short video one of the episodes contained showcasing Wendy (aired on the cable channel called AMC.) If one is from Albuquerque, some of these scenes may be recognizable.

I told her it was the only show I watched, and that I thought she did an amazing job. Her table was slow, so I felt comfortable asking her for a picture.

Brian Stinar + Julie Minescs

She seemed really nice, and I'm glad I said hello. It made the tournament weekend a little bit more memorable. I think she looks pretty and not cracked out at all when in real life.