Friday, December 11, 2015

Russian 401 Final Project - Done with Russian Language at UNM

I've had a lot of Russian friends in Albuquerque beginning in graduate school, and had a good time progressing with the language. Understanding another human language is like understanding a completely different programming paradigm - it gives you another way to view the world you're in, gives you creative ways to solve problems, and introduces you to a whole set of people you otherwise wouldn't have met. I'm not yet fluent in Russian, but have progressed a great deal since starting the UNM Russian program four years ago.

My formal Russian study officially began at UNM Continuing Education, twice a week after working a 9-5 job. I was absolutely terrible in my first class, and even though there were no grades I almost was kicked out. I started private tutoring, and improved a great deal. I'm still not as good at reading as I am at speaking or understanding. After I finished two years of Continuing Ed, I took private tutoring for a year, and then started at UNM.

I finished my final Russian assignment and submitted it about twenty minutes ago. Finishing it up was somewhat bittersweet. I'm a bit disappointed that UNM doesn't offer more Russian language classes, but I cannot really blame them. My 401 class BARELY happened, with about eight students enrolled.

I will continue studying, with tutors and on my own. After all of this study, I am finally at a point where progress alone is possible.

If I actually want to get a Russian degree (which isn't super necessary since I already have a BS + MS in Computer Science) I'll need to take 4-5 culture classes. I enjoyed history as an undergrad, and maybe I'll enjoy the culture classes too. I'm signed up for one in the Spring time, and it should be fun. I like learning about new things, that aren't necessarily only programming or business, and the instructor seems nice.

I'm very grateful that resources such as UNM Continuing Ed, private tutors, and UNM Russian exist in Albuquerque.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

417 "C" Available

I have an apartment that is available, located at 417 Princeton Dr. SE. I would like to rent this out for the Spring, 2016 semester. Rent is $675 / month, and includes gas, internet, water, sewage and garbage. No pets are allowed. I'd like first month's rent, last month's rent, and a month of damage deposit ($2025) down.

Everything is new, and has only had one other tenant. Furnishings are negotiable. I furnished this place while experimenting with listing it as a short term rental on I have all positive feedback, which you can read about here.

Please give me a call at 505-750-1169 if this is something you're interested in. Thanks!