Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Мой самый любимый фильм

Мой самый любимый фильм

Я не люблю ходить в кино. Я люблю смотреть пьесы (театр). Иногда я хожу, смотреть, как моя бывшая девушка танцует бурлеск (я смотрю с моей девушкой.) Это немного странно…

Обычно я хожу в кино ночью. Всегда угощаю мою подругу. Мне нравится смотреть Нетфликс больше, чем телевизор или фильмы. У меня есть компьютер, но нет телевизора. Сидеть дома намного дешевле, чем ходить в кино. Наверное я люблю американские фильмы больше, чем иностранные фильмы. Естественно мне нравятся гангстерские саги. Я просто шучу, мне нравятся научно-фантастические фильмы.

Мой самый любимый фильм называется «Звёздная пыль» (“Star Dust”.) Клэр Дэйнс, Роберт Де Ниро и какой-то человек, которого я не знаю, в нём играют. Фильм был написан Нилом Гейнманом. Это смесь фантастических, романтических и комических элементов. Я смотрел его у подруги дома. Я его посмотрел один раз. Мне нравится, потому что мне это смешно, и моей подруге нравится.

бывшая - former
странно - strange
наверное - surely
Естественно - naturally
гангстерские саги - gangster sagas
просто шучу - just kidding
смесь - mix
смешно - funny
грязь - grime that gets everywhere * interesting term my friend taught me

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Backup Procedure

I just started helping a new client backup their data. This blog post will show in easy-to-follow steps how to perform this backup manually. Eventually, it would be a very good idea to automate this process, but for now manual backups are better than no backups.

First, make sure an external hard drive is connected to your server.

You can see it is on by the green light on top.

 After the hard drive is connected, navigate to the external hard drive by clicking on "my computer"

Then click on the "ExtBackup E:" icon

Then click on "Backup"

Once you are inside backup, right click to make a new folder for today. I like to name them "" so that sorting them is easier.

Then, double click on the newly created folder.

After that, click on my computer again to open a new window, and type in "D:\FedAb\shared\Interfasys\ClaimKeep\CK_data" into the address bar up top (you can copy and paste it from between the quotes in this blog.)

Once you are there, copy all three files by selecting them, right clicking, and pressing "copy."

Then, in your other window, press "paste" and you have completed your backup!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Colorado State Singles Handball - 2x

This past January 10-12 my girlfriend Lyric and I went to Arvada, Colorado for me to play in the Colorado State Singles tournament. The previous year, my friend Oleg and I attended the same tournament (blog post coming soon with that!) The tournament is run by a number of friendly handball players, and it is a pleasant change scenery and nice to spend time in Arvada.

This was probably my worst performance in a handball tournament in the past three years, but the trip was still enjoyable. I was sick with a cough, and constantly tell myself that in order to play well, I need to drive up, or fly, the day before. We drove up the day of the first match, and I warmed up for about 15 minutes after driving for six and a half hours. Plus, I moved up a division from "B's" to "A's." So, I lost every tournament game and was quickly eliminated.

This reminded me of my paintball days. 

Lyric organized all aspects of the trip. She picked out a very cool, and inexpensive, bed and breakfast from the website airbandb. The place we stayed was about the same price of a Motel 6, but it didn't have any of the sketchy-ness associated with Motel 6. It was a fully converted basement from a friendly, older couple. They have TONS of space available now that their seven boys grew up and moved out. As well as picking out our lodging, Lyric also packed us burritos, sandwiches, fruit, Gatoraid / Poweraid drinks (from powder, since I am cheap.) My least favorite part of traveling is eating crap, and filling my body with a bunch of expensive, low quality, high fat, food. Lyric made sure that this didn't happen.

In addition to the tournament, we went out to dinner with Lyric's friend from Texas and her friend's friend, as well as going out to breakfast and lunch (with a Groupon!)

After Dinner 

Lyric enjoying a Groupon-fueled mimosa.

I'm really glad Lyric pushed us to see the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Normally when I go on handball-vacations, I am extremely focused and basically don't do anything except my best to compete at the top of my game. Since the competition didn't work out quite so well, it was nice to have tourist-y things to do together.

 I love those red pink pants my mom gave me before starting graduate school (7 years ago...) The Jessie Pinkman hoodie she gave me for Christmas (1 month ago) matches them well.

 I try not to take pictures of random kids I don't know, but this little dude looked awed climbing around all the rocks.

Walking around at first, I was like "Where is the amphitheater? This is the side of a mountain...?" and then you keep walking, and see a gigantic amphitheater.

This trip was a lot of fun, mostly because of my girlfriend Lyric and her suggestions about activities.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw

This year, for Christmas I purchased my dad a truly thoughtful present - a Gemini Taurus 3 Ring Saw. My girlfriend and I tiled two bathrooms for my parents, and now we are tiling their garage. This saw will be very helpful in allowing us him to finish this tile project.

The Taurus 3 is a wet ring saw. Most tile saws are the equivalent of a table saw for tiles. With a table saw, or a standard tile saw, it is not possible to cut curved surfaces. Additionally, the curvature of the blade needs to be accounted for while cutting, since the top of the tile will be cut before the bottom. The Taurus 3 is more similar to a jig saw, which allows for curved cuts.

The saw and all parts came in a nicely labeled box.

 The instruction manual was pretty good. I especially liked the part where they described how it was possible to cut in all directions and how regular users of ban or jig saws tend to back their tile piece up - which is not necessary with the omni-directional cutting blade. The manual seemed to be missing very much information on regular care and maintenance. 

 This video looks super funny. I haven't watched it yet.
 "Are instruction manuals really only for communists?" This may be the best instructional video I have ever watched...

 Unlike a traditional tile saw, there is no pump. The spinning ring blade picks up water directly. This piece can be covered with a bottom cover when using the saw in hand-held mode.

Side saw view - no water or protective top on (yet.)  

 Filling up the reservoir...

 ... and lubricating the gearing.

 Preparing for a cut.

 This is why you shouldn't use a wet saw inside.


After cutting a few practice cuts with the new ring saw, I realized that it was not a good idea to cut long, straight, cuts with it, since it was difficult to cut straight. So I setup my other wet saw for those types of cuts.

The non-ring wet saw makes clean cuts a bit difficult, without flipping the tile over and cutting it again, sort of blind.

But it's possible to grind down / clean up those edges using the Taurus 3.

Double Trouble

I have just, just started using this saw and I am not using it to anywhere near its capacity. I'm basically using it as an extension to the standard tile saw, which I am familiar with using. It will be very fun to try and start incorporating circular patterns into decorative tile projects using it, or finding other uses. So far, I am pretty happy with it. The only improvement I would suggest is that the water reservoir also have a holding container for the bottom of the saw. The bottom part of the saw is supposed to be removed when used in the tray (so the saw can effectively pick up water) but it can be placed on the saw when using it as a hand-held unit. I am positive that my dad, or I, will end up losing the bottom cover, since there is no snap-tight place for it.