Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Colorado State Singles Handball - 2x

This past January 10-12 my girlfriend Lyric and I went to Arvada, Colorado for me to play in the Colorado State Singles tournament. The previous year, my friend Oleg and I attended the same tournament (blog post coming soon with that!) The tournament is run by a number of friendly handball players, and it is a pleasant change scenery and nice to spend time in Arvada.

This was probably my worst performance in a handball tournament in the past three years, but the trip was still enjoyable. I was sick with a cough, and constantly tell myself that in order to play well, I need to drive up, or fly, the day before. We drove up the day of the first match, and I warmed up for about 15 minutes after driving for six and a half hours. Plus, I moved up a division from "B's" to "A's." So, I lost every tournament game and was quickly eliminated.

This reminded me of my paintball days. 

Lyric organized all aspects of the trip. She picked out a very cool, and inexpensive, bed and breakfast from the website airbandb. The place we stayed was about the same price of a Motel 6, but it didn't have any of the sketchy-ness associated with Motel 6. It was a fully converted basement from a friendly, older couple. They have TONS of space available now that their seven boys grew up and moved out. As well as picking out our lodging, Lyric also packed us burritos, sandwiches, fruit, Gatoraid / Poweraid drinks (from powder, since I am cheap.) My least favorite part of traveling is eating crap, and filling my body with a bunch of expensive, low quality, high fat, food. Lyric made sure that this didn't happen.

In addition to the tournament, we went out to dinner with Lyric's friend from Texas and her friend's friend, as well as going out to breakfast and lunch (with a Groupon!)

After Dinner 

Lyric enjoying a Groupon-fueled mimosa.

I'm really glad Lyric pushed us to see the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Normally when I go on handball-vacations, I am extremely focused and basically don't do anything except my best to compete at the top of my game. Since the competition didn't work out quite so well, it was nice to have tourist-y things to do together.

 I love those red pink pants my mom gave me before starting graduate school (7 years ago...) The Jessie Pinkman hoodie she gave me for Christmas (1 month ago) matches them well.

 I try not to take pictures of random kids I don't know, but this little dude looked awed climbing around all the rocks.

Walking around at first, I was like "Where is the amphitheater? This is the side of a mountain...?" and then you keep walking, and see a gigantic amphitheater.

This trip was a lot of fun, mostly because of my girlfriend Lyric and her suggestions about activities.

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