Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Backup Procedure

I just started helping a new client backup their data. This blog post will show in easy-to-follow steps how to perform this backup manually. Eventually, it would be a very good idea to automate this process, but for now manual backups are better than no backups.

First, make sure an external hard drive is connected to your server.

You can see it is on by the green light on top.

 After the hard drive is connected, navigate to the external hard drive by clicking on "my computer"

Then click on the "ExtBackup E:" icon

Then click on "Backup"

Once you are inside backup, right click to make a new folder for today. I like to name them "" so that sorting them is easier.

Then, double click on the newly created folder.

After that, click on my computer again to open a new window, and type in "D:\FedAb\shared\Interfasys\ClaimKeep\CK_data" into the address bar up top (you can copy and paste it from between the quotes in this blog.)

Once you are there, copy all three files by selecting them, right clicking, and pressing "copy."

Then, in your other window, press "paste" and you have completed your backup!


Mike Barreca said...
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Kurt Cantin said...

These are very helpful guidelines because backing up documents is the most common task that every computer owner should do. With this, they'll know how to properly backup their files and systems by themselves. And it really pays to have a physical external storage for your files, just in case you don't have access to the net when your PC breaks down. Thanks for sharing.

Kurt Cantin @ Tab Data Systems