Saturday, March 19, 2011

Videos Of The Tournament

Below are the videos of individual matches that I would like to include on this blog post. I've seen a decent increase to my blog based on this content, and I've heard about these videos from about six people in person.

Everyone Versus Armillo

As part of the tournament, Dan Armillo played everyone in the tournament against him (sequentially, not in parallel.) Armillo had to win eleven points against everyone that played against him. Between fifteen and twenty people played a single match to eleven. I believe four of the players each received one point.

Additionally, Armillo could only serve three consecutive times, and he could not kill the ball before three rallies. He actually never killed the ball, with anyone. Despite these setbacks, he was no where near close 'losing' the match.

Below are a few videos which were recorded at the tournament. I always, always label my graphics, but I believe the YouTube titles should be sufficient to identify these videos. These are all the videos which were provided to me which involved Danny Armillo. All videos were recorded on Saturday, March 12, 2011.

In addition to the Armillo destruction which ensued, there were a lot of pointers Armillo gave during each match. He helped all of the players improve, no matter what their level was. One of my favorite things about the tournament my father organizes is the effort that goes into making it a learning experience for everyone.

Stay posted for additional updates. I still have videos from all of the individual matches to upload.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dan the Hand Armillo 2 Handball Tournament

Today, Saturday March 12, 2011 is the first day of the second annual "Dan the Hand Armillo" handball tournament. The tournament is located at the Deming Country Club, in beautiful Deming, New Mexico. Below are some images of the competitors. Stay tuned for up-to-the-second updates as the tournament progresses!

The tournament format is that a match is two games to fifteen, with an optional tie breaker to eleven. If New Mexico's top handball player, Dan Armillo, shows up, there will also be an everyone versus Armillo side tournament with slightly modified rules.

Wayne Abraham (left) vs Don Stinar (right). Stinar came out on top, with a score of

Cary Hamilton (left) vs Don Stinar (right). This match is still in progress.

Bobby Hall (left) versus Jeremy Brewster (right). Brewster won.

Ron Todd (left) vs. Alan Gast (right). Results pending.

Handball Destroyer (requested no Internet presence) (left) vs. Ryan Ashley (right). The Destroyer won, in the tie breaker round.

Below are a few images from the Hall vs. Brewster match.