Friday, March 13, 2009

Garden Update

Last year, I had an extremely successful garden. Kate gave me a ton of supplies for my birthday and was supportive of the entire endeavor. This year I started my garden inside again, so my seedlings have enough time to grow before it is safe to put them outside. I have a ton of pictures from last years harvest that I wanted to put online before this year gets going with too much intensity.

This picture shows a cat that Kate would always take care of. It also shows the ground after I tilled it, but before much has grown.

My garden was mostly vegetables, but I had a number of very pretty flowers in pots around my small apartment. Kate picked out the flowers with some suggestions from me. We also purchased some tomato cages, chemical fertilizer and other supplies.

In addition to the flowers we purchased, my land lord has a rose bush I took care of. Here are some of the roses the bush produced.

I really thought these peppers were pretty interesting looking. I enjoy spicy foods, but lack any discriminating taste towards peppers. I shared many of these with my coworker, Erik Lee, who is insanely interested in hot foods.

Here are some tomatoes pretty early in the season.

Take note of how small this morning glory looks climbing up the fence post.

My luck with the sunflowers was not that good, I think I received about 2 or 3 heads of seeds.

Some baby birds nested around my apartment as well.

At the start of the summer, I was very successful with squash.

Here my cousin and I prepare some of my squash for the "Stinar Burrito Factory"

My hand is a bit messed up from a bike wreck south of Albuquerque, but the garden is still going strong.

I really liked these "Anasazi Beans". They have a very pretty white flower and climb over everything.

I really like using morning glories to cover up walls. I'm going to go for this effect at my new place. I would like more beans that produce something other than pretty flowers in the mix though.

Everything became kind of crazy past this point. The morning glories made operating the gate difficult and started climbing up trees and my house. It was really pretty.

I planted way too many tomatoes in here.

This is the view from my neighbors yard.

I like this one with the sky.

This bug was huge!

These are the Anasazi Beans in their pods.

This was the annexed garden behind my house. Everything back here seemed more scotched than the side of the house, but I was still able to get some tomatoes and squash from the earth here.

My plants didn't do so well with the frost.

I made a TON of fried green tomatoes.

I'm pretty happy with how my garden turned out this last year. For the upcoming season, I totally want to have about 3 times as many plants.