Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enlighten Others

Back on Thursday, December 6 2012, my buddy Oleg Semenov and I went to a hot yoga studio called "Enlighten Others." I was invited to this yoga studio because a potential business lead (for custom software development for my software company) wanted me to be in a news clip helping promote her friend's business. I invited my friend Oleg because he does yoga, and is always up for some sort of ridiculous adventure like this that I always seem to find myself in.

Click the image to bring you to the news site, to watch the entire clip.

The video segment aired on January 3, 2013. I just found out about it today. We're only in it for about three seconds.

The yoga class was the best hot yoga class I have ever attended. I regularly (1-3 times a week) attend yoga at my gym, Midtown Sports and Wellness, and tend not to prefer hot yoga. The class at Enlighten Others was extremely hot, but still relaxing and very helpful in stretching out my sore muscles. The shavasana portion of the class was by far the most relaxing shavasana out of all of the yoga classes I've ever been in (hot, or not.) I was so relaxed at the end that Oleg had to ask me "Are you asleep?" because I was laying there, without moving, for so long. I still have not been back to Enlighten Others, mostly because of the fact that my gym membership includes yoga. If I did not already have a too-expensive gym membership, I would look more closely into attending that studio.