Saturday, June 27, 2015

417.5 Available = Available version 2.0

My one bedroom apartment at 417.5 Princeton has become available again. Unfortunately, the previous tenant broke his lease early, and left me empty handed during the summer months. I decided to take this opportunity to replace the carpet, and do some maintenance on the place.

I'd like to have a twelve month lease, at $600 / month for this apartment. I cover water, sewage, garbage, and internet access, and the tenant will need to cover electricity and gas. I like to get first month's, last month's, and a month of damage deposit, as a condition of starting this lease.

Since the last blog post, all of the kitchen cabinets have been resurfaced. More importantly, the carpet has all been replaced as well. The carpet was looking pretty worn (white), and I'm happy to take this opportunity to replace it all (with brown.)

If you're interested in this place, please call me at 505-750-1169. If I do not pick up, send me a text message at the same number.

Below are some pictures of the place. A lot of these are from a previous blog post I wrote about the place, but there are some new pictures below as well.

This picture, and the below two, show the newly refinished kitchen cabinets. 


The white carpet is no longer there - now it's brown.

The bedroom now has brown carpet. The white carpet was EXTREMELY worn, and needed to be replaced.

It's interesting how different the bathroom seems with slightly different decorations.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Professional Headshots

There are many opportunities for promoting my business that can use professional headshots. By "headshots" I mean a business/profession photograph in which a person's head is the primary focus of the image, rather than a debilitating blow to the head.

My friend Efrain Grijalva has been interested in photography since I met him, thirteen years ago as an undergrad. Lately, he's been expressing an interest in taking headshots. I volunteered to be his model, since I'm positive I can use some (updated) images of myself when promoting software development services. Below are the results.

 This one is my favorite. I seriously think it could be a stock photo. 

I like this one, but I think if you look closely you can see the PhotoShop.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I would recommend ironing your shirt beforehand, as opposed to stuffing it in a backpack with a laptop and biking everywhere. If you're interested in having professional headshots done, give Efrain a call at 505- 453-5700.