Thursday, June 25, 2015

Professional Headshots

There are many opportunities for promoting my business that can use professional headshots. By "headshots" I mean a business/profession photograph in which a person's head is the primary focus of the image, rather than a debilitating blow to the head.

My friend Efrain Grijalva has been interested in photography since I met him, thirteen years ago as an undergrad. Lately, he's been expressing an interest in taking headshots. I volunteered to be his model, since I'm positive I can use some (updated) images of myself when promoting software development services. Below are the results.

 This one is my favorite. I seriously think it could be a stock photo. 

I like this one, but I think if you look closely you can see the PhotoShop.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I would recommend ironing your shirt beforehand, as opposed to stuffing it in a backpack with a laptop and biking everywhere. If you're interested in having professional headshots done, give Efrain a call at 505- 453-5700.

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