Wednesday, November 6, 2013

417.5 Princeton = Available

Back in July, I wrote a blog post about the apartment I was living in being available for rent. This was 417 "B" Princeton. One major reason I moved out of my apartment, and significantly downgraded my standard of living, was the knowledge that my tenant in 417.5 Princeton might move out at any time. The tenant at 417.5 Princeton has rented from me for three years, performs beautiful landscaping, is almost never here, does basic repairs, always pays on time, and is basically the best possible tenant anyone could ask for. As a result of all these positive factors, I agreed to let him go month-to-month which is something I have never done before due to the uncertainty it introduces into my rental business. He has decided to cancel his lease at the end of November, so this posting shows the apartment I have available.

The apartment is a one-bedroom located on the second story. It rents for $560 / month. I pay for water, sewage and garbage. The new tenant would need to pay for electricity and gas. Internet access is available to share for an extra $20 / month. No pets.

 As you approach the apartment, you can see the newly rebuilt slat wood fence. When I purchased this property, about half the fence was chain link. Now there is no chain link fence anywhere on my property.

I always liked second floors - there are never any roaches, and it's nice looking out over everyone. 

 From outside the unit, you can see a clothesline...
 ...and my hot tub.

 The balcony / entrance walks into the kitchen.

 The kitchen sink was recently replaced (by me) with a top of the line Kohler sink.

Past the kitchen is the living room. 

The living room connects to a hallway, which leads to the bedroom and the bathroom. 

 I like all the windows in the bedroom.

 The apartment has ample closet space.

In the hallway, between the bedroom and the bathroom, there is a shelf with a lot of storage space.

 The outside of the apartment looks like a garden, because of the previous tenant.

Basically, all of my money is invested into this property, and I'm trying to have tenants that will help that investment grow, as opposed to destroy it. Until August, I lived on the property, and I plan on living on the property (in a different apartment) again very soon.

Thanks to my girlfriend Lyric Hammonds for helping me steam clean the carpets, do touch up painting, and take such nice pictures!

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Bonnie Lee said...

Brian, A landlord like you is hard to find. Someone who would live on his own property is sure to keep up the maintenance, and I love your Win-Win attitude. I am not ready to move yet, but am a CNM employee (long-term) and will be moving to the CNM area in the next few months. Let me know if this is a good way to contact you as I really don't know when my current living situation will end and would love t rent one of your properties when I do (if there is one available).