Thursday, July 11, 2013

417 Princeton - My Apartment

From time to time, I receive inquires about renting out my apartment located at 417 Princeton Dr SE, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The two types of leases I've considered have been short term (daily) and long term (for a period of twelve months.) Regardless of which type of lease I actually go with, I thought that putting together a blog post about my place would be fun. That way, I can showcase some of the beautiful pictures my artistic friends took for me, and have something to look back on when I'm no longer living in this place.

My apartment is a big one-bedroom. They layout is such that from the front door, you walk into the living room. That leads into the kitchen. The kitchen can either lead into a hallway that goes into the bathroom, or the bedroom, or you can exit the kitchen. At the very end of this post, I have included a carefully constructed, artist rendition, of the layout of my apartment. It is included at the end of the post as opposed to the beginning to avoid scaring people away because I am the artist that constructed this crude rendition.

To start with the virtual picture show, the front room is the first thing people normally walk into. My friend Efrain Grijalva took this pictures for me, and helped arrange my furniture to make the place look good. Thanks Efrain! And thanks Efrain for helping refinish the beautiful hardwood floors too.

As you walk into the front door, this is what you see (when my place is clean!)

Then, if you walk forward and take a look to the right, this is where I have my dinner table setup.

Why not sit down, and enjoy some ale and fruit...?

Or perhaps go on a picnic* 

Walking through the front room leads into the kitchen. My girlfriend Lyric helped me take pictures of the kitchen. Thanks Lyric!

У меня много русских друзей. Казахстан!
Note the washer, but no dryer. The dryer is also known as a clothesline. Hey, it's New Mexico and usually dry and hot. I've been looking into getting a stackable washer/dryer combo like I did for my tenant's apartment next door.

I had a new dishwasher and a new stove installed. The fridge was a gift from my old boss at Flow Science, John Ditter.

My father and I installed the floating laminate floor together. It was a fun project, and I'm still amazed by how easy the installation was. Thanks Dad for the help, and the materials!

Lyric and I put up the tapestries together. I like those blue sarongs, tapestries, and other pieces of (potentially) decorative fabric.

The is the view looking from the corner of my room back toward the hallway.

This is the hallway leading from the kitchen into either the bathroom, or my bedroom.

Lyric strongly suggested I replace my shower head. This new Kohler shower head is awesome! I should have installed it a long time ago.

Artist's rendition of apartment layout, version 2.0. Scales are approximate, and the bedroom is bigger than I the artist made it. Additionally, the rooms are actually square. My measurements are not perfect. The black blurry things in the bedroom at the closets (2.)

Overall, I hope this gives people a decent idea of what my apartment looks like. Ideally, I would like to add more pictures from the outside of the place, and perhaps some videos. For now, I think that this is good enough. Thanks for reading!

* Picnic set only available for short term rentals.
** Please note, I only have a laptop and a ruger 10/22 worth stealing. The laptop is almost always with me, and the rifle is loaded.

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