Saturday, June 13, 2009

417A Princeton - One of My Rental Units

Last November, I purchased a piece of property at 417 Princeton in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fixing the place up, keeping tenants happy and growing a garden have been a lot of fun. I currently have 417A rented out until just before classes start at UNM, but I want to get things lined up after that. In order to get the place rented out for the summer, I prepared a lot of multimedia to send to two students that live in New York. Luckily, they decided to rent it for the summer! Hopefully these pictures and movies will help me keep the place rented out, as paying the entire mortgage without tenants is not something I want to do.

417 Princeton - Front View

The above picture is an image of my house from the road. My parents and my friends helped me paint the place white and do all the trim work. It was a huge project, but the place looks a lot better now!

Small Lantern
My dad likes to do metal work, and constructed the base for this lantern by welding some decorative angle iron to a piece of steel and capping it. My cousin Brett and Dad helped out a ton with digging this hole and installing this lantern.

Porch View
My uncle Rob constructed the new pieces of railing for this porch, and my father, friend Ryan and I installed it. The porches were previously falling apart and rotting, so this was a gigantic improvement.

417A Princeton - Front Door

This image is of the front door to 417A. The stained glass was there when I purchased the place. I think it adds a nice touch to the door.

417A Princeton - Side Door

The side door for this unit is located off a very nice utility room with tons of storage space. It makes a nice coat closet and tool area.

This is of the walk way running along the house. It could use some landscaping.

The below pictures were taken before my garden was going strong. My friend Efrain helped out a ton by arranging all the logistics of picking up rail road ties in Socorro for REALLY cheap ($5 per tie, instead of the $16 at Home Depot or Lowes). Efrain also loaned me his saw to cut them. My buddy Kevin did a lot of the heavy work associated with lifting and moving them, as well as some cutting. My friend Oleg helped out with planting, and always takes care of my garden when I go out of town.

This image is of my super big tomato and corn bed.

This is a picture of my strawberry bed and part of my smaller tomato bed.

Here is a close up of my small tomato bed. The plants look a lot bigger now!

This is an overview shot of the back yard.

Overall, I am really happy with how the outside of my place is coming along. I still need to work on the trim in a few places, but the paint job is of a very high quality. I am very lucky to have so many friends and family that are skilled and interested in helping me.

The below videos are of the inside of my 417A unit. This unit is in the best shape out of all my units. I really like all the hard wood floors all over the entire place. The kitchen linoleum is in much better shape than any of the other kitchens.

This is the front room for my place.

It technically is a one bedroom apartment, but so far always two people have lived there. Currently, I have a guy and a girl that are not romantically involved sharing the place, so it's almost like a two bedroom.

This is the bathroom for 417A. My father, Ryan Coleman and I completely replaced the bathroom floor in two days. The bathroom got a bit crowded with three people in there.

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