Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washington D.C. Trip

Over the weekend of August 28, I spent some time in Dulles, Virginia and Washington D.C. One of my friends, Yana Alaekseeko introduced me to her friend Elena Vinokurova (Да, я люблю русских). I decided it would be fun to check out Washington D.C. and visit Lena.

Lena, in her extremely cool apartment complex

While Lena was at work, I took the underground train to Washington D.C. The trip was eerily familiar - I spent a lot of time playing the video game Fallout 3, and all of the underground stops were exactly as in the same but not post-apocalyptic. The DC street scape was all the same as well. The Fallout 3 artists and models did an amazing job.

I like think picture a lot. Notice the guy that looks just like me, in similar clothing, in the exact same pose.

This is the theater where Lincoln was shot.

The gun Lincoln was shot with is TINY.

These buildings look familiar...

I have no idea who Glen Beck is, but he had a rally the day I checked out the mall.

Public transit seemed to be popular.

The other picture of me in DC - taken by Аня Горобец

During my trip, I walked along the entire mall and saw the White House. It was a fun trip, seeing all the historical things that I have read about and studied, but never seen. My favorite tourist type thing was the Lincoln Memorial. Navigating through the crowd of Glen Beck supporters became difficult towards the Lincoln Memorial, as that seemed to be where everyone wanted to go to see the speakers.

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