Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Rabbit

Today I found a baby rabbit hopping along the street. It was too small to make it over the curb, so it was just kind of bouncing back and forth, waiting to get run over by a truck. No mama rabbit was anywhere around. I was walking home from a Blues dance at Cowgirls in Santa Fe and saw the little guy.

I carried it in my hands back to my apartment. The rabbit relaxed a lot when I would pet it on the head, and carrying it in my hands was a very pleasant experience. It is very warm and nice. When I got back to my apartment, I gently set it down in my shower after corking the drain so it wouldn't fall down. Then, I set a plate of water out to drink. I also cooked some soy beans (edamame) which I ate most of, and tried to feed the rabbit some of. If it ate any, it was such a small amount I couldn't tell.

Even though I understand that rabbits are very plentiful, and that the genetics which would drive a baby rabbit to be hopping around in the street likely shouldn't be selected for in Santa Fe, I wanted to help it. Hopefully bringing it out of the street, trying to give it food and water, and putting it in a little garden area at my place in Santa Fe actually accomplished that.

I think I would like to get a pet rabbit someday when I'll be around my house enough to take good care of it.

Maybe I will see this rabbit around my place in Santa Fe from now on.


Robin W. said...

We had a small rabbit like that for a while. My husband saw the mom and one of the other babies get ate by a snake and he caught the other baby and brought it home. He built a cage for it and we kept it for a about a month before we turned it lose. We would see it around the property every once in a while.


Jeremy said...

I think you should fatten it up and then make a tasty meal out of it. Just don't get attached, or it will be a sad, tasty meal. Ha!