Monday, November 10, 2008

AI for Video Games Final Project

For my final project, Jon Bradley and I decided to work together on a video game he has an idea for. The game is all about herding sheep. So far, Jon has done a huge amount of work. Today I made some progress on implementing path following in the ActionScript framework Jon developed. I still need to make something actually follow the path, as well as figure out why my path adding is getting messed up with regards to clicking on a sheep or the shepherd whenever you are trying to add a path.

Anyways, here is a sample of what we have coming. I'm going to hold off on posting any code until the assignment has been turned in. My path algorithm is the same one that Bill Klein implemented in Processing, which is probably the same one from "Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games" by Ian Millington.

Click here for a full screen version.

Number one is getting the points to be correctly placed when you click on the shepherd or sheep. After that, comes getting something that looks like a dog to following the path, then setting up SVN so we don't have to email our code back and forth. After that, I am going to work on an intro screen, a level loader, a sound track (hopefully just finding one) and the other animation sequences, probably in that order. Jon has already finished the brunt of the AI, I he's going to add some obstacles, make a pen for the sheep to go into, add a little bit of state information and make it so flocks can be broken up. As long as I can get my pieces done, there isn't a ton more to do, since Jon has been working so hard!!

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