Saturday, November 15, 2008

AI for Video Games Project Update

Today I spent about 5 hours at Starbucks working on getting the dog I jacked from this dude to follow a path in ActionScript. Right now, I solved the problem related to applying the points on the incorrect place and getting the dog to follow the points on the path. I still want to clear the path after the dog has finished following it, make the sheep run away from the dog and work on the dog's animation a bit. I think once I get the sheep running from the dog and the path cleared though, I am going to setup SVN and work on the splash screen and some other non-AI components of the game. My partner Jon has done an awesome job creating the AI framework, and we agreed to have him do a bit more AI and I would focus on the other structural points of the game. Our professors wanted to make sure all group members did AI related stuff, so path following seemed like a good place for me to work.

Click here for a full screen version.

Code is available here in case you want to see how I did path following in ActionScript. If you have any questions / suggestions, let me know. I see that a lot of people have been searching for algorithms and data structures related to ActionScript, but I never receive any feedback from you guys. Leave me a comment if this is useful.

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