Saturday, May 22, 2010

Autumn Stinar's First Gallery Opening

My only sister Autumn Stinar had an art opening in Silver City a few weeks ago (May 7, 2010), and I wanted to come into town to support her. Her work was featured at the ¡anima! gallery. The gallery owners were very pleasant and nice; the entire event was basically like a really controlled party. Below are some pictures from the event. The high quality photographs are taken (without permission) from her facebook gallery, the low quality camera phone pictures at the end are Brian Stinar originals.

Autumn began promoting her event by having a number of quarter page fliers made.

My sister strategically placed these at her place of employment.

The ¡anima! gallery owner husband, of the husband / wife owner pair.

My mom and a Silver City denizen enjoying the opening.

The guy in the blue is me.

Placing a blue dot sticker on the label - communicating that the painting is SOLD!

My father decided that anything other than a 2-liter container is uneconomical for his Diet Mountain Dew habit.

My mom, with the food table in the back ground.

My entire family is happy that my sister was able to have her first art gallery opening and that we were able to be there to see it. The event was very pleasant and fun.

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