Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas Artmas!

Merry Christmas Artmas! This year, my sister gave everyone in our family a number of paintings, and I gave my parents my tile table. As a result of this massive art exchange, we started to use the term which either my father or I invented to describe this holiest of days, Artmas. Unfortunately, Artmas is not adequately captured in its full glory by a cheap camera phone with a partially cracked lens.

Last Minute Grout Work - Christmas Artmas Eve 2010

This was taken with my mother's amazing camera.
I love working with tile, especially when I individually created every single tile.
Working on a fun project with a nice fire is about the most fun way I could imagine spending Christmas Artmas.

I had to cut four tiles to place a Zia in the center. My mother was not exactly thrilled that her front room became a construction zone, but she understood with it being Christmas Artmas and all.

I'm not sure why my eyes often times look three quarters closed when I smile for a picture...

My mother decided she was sick of waiting for grandchildren, so she purchased some from a gypsy woman. This is me, my father, and my two adopted siblings, Rufus (named after J. Rufus Fears, the best lecturer ever) and Juliet. My clothing is post-lumerjacking.

The Final Product - Only about two years in the making

My father will likely come up with an attractive oak edge for the table. The tile work is done, but the project still requires some sort of edging to complete the look.

This is one of the many paintings my sister gave me. This image was taken from without permission.

My good friend Oleg, and his mother and sister, gave me an expensive watch for Christmas Artmas. Oleg is (correctly) convinced that I need to upgrade my wardrobe, starting with a nice watch and some shoes. I agree with him.

My father playing Alan Gast at handball at the Deming Country Club.

I had a very nice time in Silver City with my family. In addition to the wonderful presents I received, playing handball with my family, building fires and doing a little lumberjacking all made it a very nice vacation.

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Jeremy said...

What tree were you lumber jacking? The one I started on when I was down in the middle of the month?