Saturday, October 22, 2016

Backup Rotation, Manual Windows Style

Every few months, I come down to Silver City to help maintain my parents' computer network. They are the only people I will (normally) do Windows system administration work for. 

My parents used to have a worker that would do backup rotation. Now they don't, so I am writing some instructions on how to do this. 

Their server is configured to make backups Monday through Friday. If, on Monday, the previous backups from Monday have not been moved, they will be overwritten. Eventually I would like to create a windows script to perform log rotation in a good way, but for now it's manual. 

First, open up the server, and click on "Start" then on "My Computer"
Figure 1

Then, double click on the external hard drive image
Figure 2

Next, double click on the "SWBU" folder
Figure 3

After that, right click and select "New" and then "FolderZZ"
Figure 4

Rename the folder to today's date
Figure 5

This is what you should see now
Figure 6

Click on the Friday backup, hold shift and click on the bottom backup. Then, drag all of these backups to the folder you just create.
Figure 7

And that's it! You have rotated the backups into their own folder, so they will stay there and not be over written.

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