Monday, October 17, 2016

New Office - Simms Building

Today is the first day in Noventum's new office - on the 7th floor of the Simms building! I am keeping space at FatPipe still, since the parking there is infinitely better, and I like going there to do sales/networking/marketing. However, our space here is for hardcore programming (no interruptions, distractions, or gigantic marketing events.)

I need a space for hardcore programming since I hired a hardcore programmer named Jeremy Pepper, full time. He's already finishing up projects, starting with a WordPress plugin for Oakley Studio.

We're sharing a triple office with MatterForm since my friend Michael owns that company, wanted to go in on space together, and he has a nice group of people.

I need a selfie stick... 

Hardcore Mac Attack - I never thought that would happen, and then I started doing a bit of iOS programming.

This is our actual office.

We moved to the conference room after there was some construction going on in our main room.

Everyone uses the windows as white boards

I really like the window desks / couches / beds. When the sun is shining on you, it's a nice place to sit, look out along the city, and program (or project manage, do quality assurance or sales, which is mostly what I do now.)

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