Thursday, April 24, 2008

ActionScript Update

Today I have been working on my ActionScript front end for Mark Olah's molecular spiders a ton. In addition to moving the scene around, I completed a bit of some scene resizing code. Check it out below.

For this version, you should be able to move the entire scene around by clicking, holding, and moving your mouse around. This version ALSO supports resizing by using the scroll wheel, but my Blogger stuff seems to be getting in the way of it. You can also check it out directly by clicking here. If you are so inclined to take a look at my code to see how I accomplished this, I packaged it up for everyone here.

If you are interested in how I added mouse listeners to my flash file, check out the com\identityMine\documentClass\ file. Since I started doing Flash as a programmer, everything is implemented in classes.

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