Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Complex Adaptive Systems - Assignment 3 Finished

Today Ratheesh and I finished the remaining section of our complex adaptive systems homework. We knocked out the programming without too much of a hassle. However, some of the programs took hours to run.

Here are a few of the images we were able to generate based on our simple fractal, with different branching rules and different levels of iteration.

Binary Tree - 4 Levels of Iteration

Binary Tree - 8 Levels of Iteration

6-ary Tree - 4 Levels of Iteration

6-ary Tree - 6 Levels of Iteration

The complete code is available here. Please leave me a comment if you use it to generate any fractals for yourself (or for an assignment).

Also, here is a PDF of our write up. The analysis could probably be a bit stronger, and our simulation is still gathering data, but overall I think it's all right.

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