Monday, May 12, 2008

Quite Possibly my ray tracing final project

The "moon" is actually a Perlin noise texture with the color simply as the [0,1] noise value multiplied by white to get a gray color. I am using cubic interpolation and eight octaves of turbulence. The earth is from a previous assignment, and the stars are actually texture mapped onto a plane behind my sphere.

1440 x 1080 32 samples / pixel
(real 21m42.207s - Somewhat low-res star texture)

1440 x 1080 32 samples / pixel
(real 43m23.741s - Extremely High Resolution Star Texture)

The above picture has a star texture of about 20% the resolution of the bottom. At first, I couldn't see any difference between the two pictures, but now I think the bottom image has a sharper background.

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