Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bike Ride to Los Lunas from Albuquerque

My friends David, Oleg and I biked to Los Lunas from Albuquerque today. Unfortunately, my bike received a massive flat tire. We were luck that the flat occurred very close to Albuquerque (I had patches but the hole was super big - I'll post a picture of the nail soon.) We took the bus back from the river trial to UNM.

I'm pretty happy with this image - especially considering it came from a camera phone

Oleg, David and a small portion of my finger

After my patch job didn't hold, Oleg and I tried to ride two to a bicycle. Unfortunately, people in Kazakhstan have become affluent enough for everyone to own their own bicycles. As a result of the increasing affluence, the population is unable to balance as a passenger. The above destroyed shoe is a direct example of this phenomenon. Luckily, Oleg was completely fine after his foot was violently sucked into the tire.

Here is a link to our current status. It will be updated as we continue to go further south. In total, the ride was 49.9 miles (80.3 km) total according to my bike computer.

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