Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

This New Year's was pleasant. I spent some time listening to Efrain mix, worked on some software briefly, went to an intense church service and then to a house party with my friend Sharlene.

My buddy Efrain has become very involved in his church, and wanted to go to a dinner and a service being offered by a similar church here in Albuquerque. Efrain, our friend Samantha, and I, went to the dinner put on by the mega-church Calvary. All three of us went to college together in Socorro.



The dinner began with a Mariachi band playing (what Efrain explained to me were) traditional Mexican songs. Efrain was able to translate whenever a double entendre was present in the song, and explain the different meanings for the gringos.

Any idea which photo was taken with Efrain's phone?

The food was Mexican - tamales, tortillas and posole. For vegetarians, it was a salad from McDonald's across the street.

Samantha - Vegetarian

Efrain - Carnivore
After the meal, a Christian version of Santana played in the main auditorium. Two Or More was the group which "blends blues, soul, pop and Latin rock for a very unique sound..."

The sermon was well done. I have noticed that the mega-churches tend to have much more captivating speakers than the traditional denominations. They also incorporate technology to a much greater degree all throughout their endeavors.

After the church service, I went to a house party with my friend Sharlene. Sharlene does a little bit of modeling. Below are a very pictures I like of her.

This is one of the nicest pictures I have seen of this part of town.

She's really not Muslim.

It was fun meeting a few of Sharlene's friends and talking with them at the party. Since I drove, and have been coughing for about a month, I decided drinking wouldn't be that good of an idea. Despite the last of revelry, this New Year's Eve was nice.

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