Sunday, November 4, 2012

Russian Project - Мой друг Олег

As many of my real-life friends know, I have been studying Russian for some time. As one of the many, many benefits of my self-employment, I now have the flexibility to take Russian 101 at the University of New Mexico. Russian 101 is almost all review for me, but the beginning is a good place to start, and that is the first Russian class in the Russian degree program at UNM.

For my class, I did a presentation on my friend Oleg Semenov (Олег Анатольевич Семёнов.) If you are a native Russian speaker, please excuse any of my errors. I am still learning.

Мой друг Олег
Brian Stinar

Это мой друг. Его зовут Олег Анатольевич Семёнов. Он высокий человек, и он блондин.
(This is my friend. His name is Oleg Son-Of-Anatoli Semenov. He is a tall man, and blonde.)

Он родился тридцатого июня, тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят третього года в Алмате, Казахстанне.
(He was born the thirtieth of June, in the 1983rd year, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.)

Мы стали друзьями когда Мы учились в аспирантуре. Сейчас он аспирант на факультете информатики (computer science).
(We started to become friends when we studied in graduate school. Now he is a graduate student in the department of informatics [computer science.])

Он любит ездить на Гавайи, в Miami и в Калифорнию, но он живёт в Albuquerque.
(He loves to go to Hawaii, Miami and California, but now he lives in Albuquerque.)

Это его сестра, её зовут Настя. она живёт здесь.
(This is his sister, her name is Nastya. She lives here.)

Это его мать - Ольга.
(This is his mom - Olga.)

и его отец - Анатолий. Они живут в Алмате.
(And his father - Anatoli. They live in Almaty.)



Nastya said...

Олег похож на девочку на последнее фотографии

Olga Nivina said...

Брайн молодей!!!

Brian Stinar said...

большое спасибо, Ольга.

Olga Nivina said...


Nastya said...

Мой двоюродный брат просил оставит этот коментарий:

Брайн, ты настоящий друг! Спасибо тебе за моих родственников, мне очень было приятно читать эту заметку. (кузен Олега, Дмитрий)

P.S. ты отлично говоришь по русски

jolotteau said...

Hi, I know this might be irrelevant but speaking of college, how did you like NMT for comp sci? Just curious bc I'm thinking of applying :)

Brian Stinar said...

@jolotteau - Give me a call (575-313-3173), or get in touch with me on Facebook and I'll tell you all about my NMT experiences. I liked it a lot.

Diane Oyen said...

Wow, this is an ambitious assignment for a 1st-semester language class. This sentence in particular seems to involve verb tenses that don't normally get covered until later: "We started to become friends when we studied in graduate school."

And it was fun learning more about Oleg :)