Thursday, March 27, 2008

ActionScript Project

Since I am getting some hits regarding my ray tracer, I thought it would be cool to include progress on my other projects as well.

I am working on a molecular visualization project regarding molecular 'spiders' that a research group here at UNM is working with. Many, many people are working on getting these molecules to walk around a surface and *hopefully* compute something useful. Primarily, I work with ActionScript in an attempt to get some flashy visualizations online.

In addition to messing with ActionScript, I read papers on molecular visualization to try and figure out how other people are approaching this problem. I hope to use this blog to show some of my progress, post ActionScript for everyone to view, and place my thoughts on academic papers I read regarding molecular visualization.

Please leave me a comment if you find any of this useful.

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Kate said...

I love you my Cute Computer Scientist! I will always visit your blog when I miss you. You are the best!