Sunday, March 2, 2008

Looking Better

The texture mapping is going better. I think I may almost be done with the sphere. After contemplating a handball, and talking with my friend from Kazakhstan, I realized that when looking at a sphere from my angles, you will see the full -radius to +radius in two dimensions. However, the third dimension you will only see one radius worth of sphere. This is due to the self occlusion of the sphere; once you reach a (relative) peak, the sphere will be blocking itself. Maybe this seems obvious to many people, but for me it was a wonderful revelation while looking at the handball.

Ultimately, I realize that the Z-axis and Y-axis are incorrectly labeled in my code (they are switched). This hasn't been noticeable before, due to the self similar nature of all the objects I have ray-traced, but it explains why my relative positions look a little different than my class mates. Now, because of the above property, it makes a huge difference. I was repeating the texture below and above the equation.

More coming Soon
200 x 200 texture

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